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Damage assessment -> Free of charge.


~Weekday Rates~

First day of repairs -> $50.00 USD for 5 hours of service

[based on standard $10/hr charge].


~Weekend Rates~

First day of repairs -> $75.00 USD for 8 hours of service

[based on standard $10/hr charge].


*Each additional day is $25.00 USD minimum.

Rates vary depending on severity of the issue(s).*




~Weekends Only~

Damage assessment & malware cleanup -> $20.00 USD minimum

(mileage included).

First day of repairs -> $75.00 USD total for initial visit

[based on standard $10/hr charge].



*Additional daily rates are negotiable.*



ONCE THE CUSTOMER AGREES TO THE NEGOTIATED RATE: Wiggy will assess any/all damages to the hardware/software. Should this assessment reveal repairable damages, work to combat the damages begins immediately afterwards (unless otherwise noted by the customer). Should the damages prove too significant or require greater expertise, Wiggy will return the hardware/software free of charge (following day one only, desktops do not apply).


ONCE WORK HAS BEGUN: A restore point (if applicable) will be made prior to applying any of the following fixes (this acts as a fail safe). The HDD is scanned, foremost, for any apparent bad sectors after which appropriate repairs of such sectors will be attempted. When necessary, all disk partitions will be scanned additionally from an external souce to reveal further damages. Note that, throughout every repair process several virus/malware scans will be executed and cleaned accordingly. In most cases, alterations will also be made to foundational system files and registry items to ensure future protection for the Laptop/Desktop.


Please note that Wiggy's repair will NOT attempt to fix any hardware malfunctions without prior consent. Harware repair will also require parts purchase fees.